Bid’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 02 Nov 2005

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapHi everyone,

I arrived in Bangkok on Monday and haven't really stopped since. Met a chap at the airport who was staying at my hotol and we get on well so have been hanging out with him. Haven't done much sightseeing really, went to Patpong on the first night which was buzzing, the bars all had really good live music and the atmosphere was great. All the girls were protistutes even in the bars so not really a place to meet people. I have a couple of pictures of suspicious women which I'll put on the website when I find somewhere to download em. Drank far too much and left about 3.30am and got Tuk-tuk home, the driver was about 15 and he was pulling wheelies all the way back to the hotel, if I hadn't have been drunk I would've been so scared!!

Bangkok is cleaner than I expected although there are some areas which are shocking. The weather has been nice but today has been really hot. The people are really friendly but every single one wants to make money from you so you spend a lot of time saying no. The food we've had so far has been good, went to a top restaurant on the first night by mistake and a two course dinner with two large beers came to 10 pound each. Last night we ate for 2 pound (no pound sign on these keyboards!) each. A double cheese burger super size meal in Mcds is only 2 pound, fantastic and it tastes 'exactly the same' as in England! The beer is expensive though quite often we pay 2 pound a beer.

Leaving the hussle and bussle of Bangkok tomorrow and heading for some relaxing time on the beach and hopefully some surfing.

Hope you are all well.