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eliza&peter’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 04 Apr 2006

Location: UK

MapHi everyone

Sorry its been awhile but we havent done anything really exciting. We are both working hard. Pete has a new job working in Piccadilly Circus right near the Ritz, he is doing hotel refurbishments and he is really enjoying it. I am getting lots of work at St Marys Hospital in Paddington which is good as it is close to home. Well as you can see from the pictures we have been to Ireland. Pete and I travelled with JOel and Brad who are our housemates as well as Petes friends, they will be returing to Oz pretty soon, as were Pete and I we had planed to be home at Christmas, but the travel bug has well and trully biten us and we will be staying on for awhile. We will be travelling for 3 months starting in July but instead of making our way home we will head back to London. There are too many places left that we atill want to see. Anyway back to the photos. Buckingham Palace and the changing of the gaurds was the last toursit site left for us in London. It was good to go and see it but it was very busy and you had to push your way in to be able to see any of the gaurds, but it was something that had to be done. OUr trip to Ireland began on the Thursday before St Patirick Day we flew into Dublin, were we spent to nights. We spent St Paddys day with friends, some old house mates were living over there and our new house mates are there friends so we had plenty of company. The day was a big one with lots of Guiness being drunk, proberly abit too much guiness, anyway Dublin was really nice and we would like to go back when the city isn't so fully of tourists. From Dublin we hires a car and drove to Killkenny, which was a really nice little town, couldn't find accomadation anywhere so were all had to share a room in a B&B, so spare a thought for me sharing a room with three boys, it was an experience, we also had to share a room in Dublin. so we all got to know each other very well. We visited Killkenny castle, which was the first of many castles that we saw on our trip. Killkenny castle was more impressive from the outside than the inside. From Killkeny we went to Cork, where we found a great little pub with great live irish music, it was a Sunday and all these musicans would just come into this pub have a drink and play music, anyone could come and go as they pleased, it was great there was even someone playing the spoons. From Cork, we went to Galway were we had alot of trouble drining around as there were so many one way streets but of course, we managed to find a pub again with music but it wasn't very good. From there we went into northern irealand, into Derry, which you can see in the photos is the only walled city left. They have all the revolutionary murals painted onto the sides of houses. In Derry we stayed in a really nice B&B, which you find every where, no motels or hotels just heaps of b&bs. From Derry we made our final stop in Belfast, which was alot like being back in London, they watch english shows they smoke in pubs, thats banned in ireland and you pay with pounds not euros. Belfast looked pretty rough, guess that has alot to do with its history. we went on a black cab tour that took us to the catholic and prodestant side, it was really interesting and very sad as there is still alot of tension as both sides don't mix and there is a wall dividing the two sides of town. Pete and I lost the boys in Belfast for a night and we went into this little pub and had a great night, all the people we soo lovely and they all wanted to talk to us. Of course along the way to these places we saw heaps of castles, we kissed the blaney stone, not as easy as it sounds, we went the cliffs of moher, and the gaints cause way. The country side was beautiful and green, with so many stone fences just like you see on TV, it was so nice to get out of the country. On our travel we cam across a hurling match, which is a traditional irish game, there is a stick a bit like a hockey stick and men hit a ball as wel as each other, so it appealed to the boys. it was a local game and after the game the boys went out and had a hit with some of the kids, so know pete has hurling sticks and a ball. Anyway i have just gone on and on as usual. We hope that everyone is well and we miss you all. We are getting a visit from my sister Rhianna and her boyfriend Sonny at the end of the month, so that means a trip to paris, bloody hell, then my dad comes over in june and hopefully Ro and Lags petes parents will also be making the journey over soon. So feel free anyone that wan'ts to come over, you will have a place to stay.
ok gotta go love to everyone
eliza and pete