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eliza&peter’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 21 May 2006

Location: England

MapHi everyone,
well it have been a busy past couple of weeks. I had my sister Rhianna and her boyfriend Sonny come over and visit us. We met them in Paris, the city of love and it proved to be just that as Sonny proposed to Rhianna near the effiel tower it was beautiful and just after she said yes the tower started to sparkle it was a very special night. And no it didn't give Pete and ideas ha ha. We all had a great time in Paris we were onlt there for three days and that just wasn't enough there is soo much to see. After Paris Rhianna and Sonny came back to London for about 6 days and the london weather for once was nice, it got up to about 25 and you would have thought it was about 45, the train system broke down cause the tracks could not take the heat, yer crazy i know. The weather is back to shit again, i here is has been warmer at home and we are supposed to be in summer, ha. But we will see lots for sun soon when we head to spain in july yippee, so we are working hard and trying to save our pounds for our big adventure. My dad will be over next month and my cousins arrive in june as well so we will be very busy up until we leave. I won't bore you with all the detail of Paris hope the photos will give you a small insite into how beautiful the city is. Ok everyone love and miss you all and we will keep you updated on the travel plans. lots and lots of love eliza and pete