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eliza&peter’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 03 Dec 2006

MapHi everyone

sorry that it has taken soo long yes we are slack but we have also been really busy. As most of you know we were lucky enough to go on a 14 week holiday. We wont bore you all with all the details, just a few.
We started our adventure in spain, Pete ran with the bulls it was scary but he survived, i fell over surprise surprise and had to have 5 staples in my knee. We saw a bull fight which was pretty horrible. We hired a car and spent a month driving around, we had a few problems with the car all my fault of course, we got a speeding fine and we left just a small dint in the car. Spain was fantastic the food was great and the people were very nice. We camped most of the time, yes i do go camping and we had a great time, it was bloody hot but loved every minute of the sun after being in london.
We flew from Barcelona to Paris to meet up with a contiki tour, and we had a great time and met some really fantastic people. The tour went through Germany, so pete got to go to the beer halls one more time, switzerland was next and then on to italy. Dont think we have ever eaten soo much pasta in our lives, we went to venice, florence and rome as you can imagine the colosseum, st pauls, the vatican were all amazing soo much to see. The next stop was the greek island of corfu, a few days of doing nothing but relaxing and drinking, we then ended to tour in athens. we saw the acropolis which was covered in scaffolding we ended the tour with a big night on the ouzel.
Next stop was the greek islands we went to Paros, Ios, Santorini and Rhodes. They were all beautiful we ran into petes mate Brett Elliott in Ios, went on a very scary donkey ride in Santorini and met a very friendly Greek/Australian family in Rhodes. From there we went to Turkey, which was one of my favourite places. The turkish people were the friendliest people ever and we spent about three week there. We sailed the coast for 4 days and spent our time fishing, swimming in crystal blue waters and relaxing. We went to selcuk saw some amazing ruins and met a mad irish man who took us out on the town. We went to Galipolli and went on a amazing tour. We ended our time in turkey in istanbul.
We then headed to Cairo were we joined up with a tour which was the best tour we had been on. we saw the pyramids, sailed down the nile, rode a smelly camel, hiked Mt Sinai and learnt to dive in the red sea.
So over all we had some of the best time of our lives, saw some amazing things, met some amazing people and have some amazing memories.
So know we are back in london and the sun has left us for the next few months as the darkness has settled in. We are both back at work and have moved into a new home, so it is back to reality. Hope you like the photos, miss you all and we see you in march.
love ya e&p