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eliza&peter’s Travel Diary

Friday, 05 Oct 2007

Location: Iran

MapHi Everyone
sorry that its taken so long it has been a really busy 3 weeks. The first week we travel through about 6 countries, through Europe. There are about 40 people on our bus all different ages ranging from 19 to 69. We are out numbered by the irish 13 to about 7 Aussies and the rest are Englishoh and a few others. We have met some really nice people. We didnt really see much of the European countries such as Hungary or Bulgaria which was a shame but we have just spent about a week in Turkey which has been great we really love Turkey we saw some of the same places last year but we have also been to cappadocia this time which was beautiful. There was all these fantastic rock formations it was like living in Bedrock, we will put those photos in soon. We are currently in Iran having just arrived today. I have to wear the head scarf and be covered up Pete only has to wear long pants, so we look a treat. Ok goota run there are people waiting of the computer and there is a city to go and explore. love to everyone will try to update again soon
love Pete and Eliza