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eliza&peter’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 09 Oct 2005

Location: london, UK

Maphi everyone
well we have found somewhere to live, its a share house in paddington. its in a nice area that is close to about three tube stations and we are living with a swedish musician and a french air hostess, who we are yet to meet, but lets just say that peter is in heaven. we will put on some photos soon just promise not to laugh cause you don't get much for your money. I will most likely start work this week and peter is on the hunt so its back to the reality. we went to an exibition afl match this weekend between eagles and the dockers at the Oval it was fun, peter also ran into a few mates from ouyen, Brad Mcleash and Sam Wethers (sorry don't know how to spell their names) so we went and had a few drinks with them and got some tips on how to survive london. Peter has been on the look out for a local pub and we may have found one that has sky sport so we will probably head there tonight to watch the aussie vs world cricket. we went to the walkabout on friday night which is a chain of aussie pubs so if we start to get home sick we know were to go to get a VB and chips with gravy. would you believe it that the every pub here has fosters on tap. love and miss you all keep up with the messages we love hearing from you all.
love eliza & peter xxx