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eliza&peter’s Travel Diary

Monday, 17 Oct 2005

Location: london, UK

MapHi everyone,

well what have we been up to. We went and saw Tower Bridge and the Tower of London which is were royalty used to live in medevil times and then it became a place to send prisoners. very interesing and very big. We just got back from a weekend away in the english country side. we stayed one night in salisbury and went on a trip out to stonehenge. Which is just these enourmous stones places in a circle who put them there or why is still a mystery. Having a freeway right next to it sort of took away some of the mystery but progress must happen i guess. We then went to Bath which is famous for thr roman baths couldn't even get a look in as there were so many tourist there. Bath is a very beautiful place to look at full of very old houses. not overly exciting though. Now we are back in london and back to reality i start work tomorrow and peter shouldn't be far off, he just needs to apply for registration hopefuly that won't take to long. Have put on some photos of our apartment, so far we are enjoying living with the other girls cause we don't see them very much. Ok well bye for now keep sending the messages love getting them
pete and eliza xxx