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eliza&peter’s Travel Diary

Monday, 07 Nov 2005

Location: London, UK

MapHi everyone,

not much to say this time we haven't done very much. We went to Lords and went on a tour, which i have to say was very boring we ended up leaving early, well it did take 2 hours. But we got to see the Aussies change room and the original ashes so that was ok. Life is just ticking along here, as most of you know we had to move out of our place in Paddington and we are now in Shepherds Bush with half of Australia, we are sharing with 8 other people and thats when their friends arn't sleeping on the couch. It has taken alittle getting used to but most of them are really nice. I have been working as a district nurse which has been good, don't get a car have to walk which is good excersise but know that the weather is getting worse, it's not much fun walking in the rain. Pete starts work tomorrow, it's been a complicated and frustrating process but he is through all the red tape and now the fun begins ha ha.
We have booked out Christmas getaway, we will be traveling to Vienna for 3 nights, then to Prauge for 3 nights including Christmas, then to Berlin for 3 nights then finally to Amsterdam for 3 nights including new years eve. We are going with Karen and Gethin and we are all pretty excited.
Ok betta go we miss and love you all
Hope all are well, hopefully next time we will have done something more interesting.
lots of love eliza&pete