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eliza&peter’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 14 Dec 2005

Location: UK

MapHi everyone,

Sorry its been so long but we have been pretty boring lately. We have both been working not hard but working just the same.
Winter has hit London, we haven't had too much rain but it is becoming very chilly. It is also getting dark about 3.30pm so that can get abi depressing at times. Two of Peters mates Joel and Brad landed in london about 2wks ago and they will be moving into our house this weekend, so the house will be overrun by mallee boys. The other house mates won't now what hit them. Pete and I went to Belgium over the weekend. We left london about 7am Sat morning and got into Brussels about 3pm so there was alot of travelling. We went through the christmas markets in Brussels which were nice but very busy. We couldn't go to Belgium without trying a waffle so we tasted the very yummy waffle and Pete caught the attention of the gay waiter serving us, who though pete was very yummy as well, ha ha.
After the markets we travelled to Brugge for the night. Brugge was a beautiful towm and in the main square they have set up an ice skating rink with a beautiful big christmas tree in the middle, it was very beautiful. We met up with another couple from Australia and ended up spending Saturday night with them, we had great food and tried to taste as many of the 400 beers that Belguim produce. We gave it a go but only sampled a few. On the Sunday we spent the day in Brugge walking around the markets and tasting home made chocolates, so as you can understand the diet that i start every monday went out the window. Next Wednesday we leave for our Christmas holiday yes i know we have a really hard life. We will be back about the 2nd of Jan. So we will try to talk to as many people before we go but if we don't we wish everyone a very merry christmas and a happy new year. We will be thinking of you when we are frezzing in Prague. So love to everyone and we will write again in the new year. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx