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eliza&peter’s Travel Diary

Monday, 09 Jan 2006

Location: England

MapHi everyone,

Merry christmas and Happy new year to all. We hope that everyone had a nice holiday period, cause we did. It was a little bit strange spending christmas wrapped up in about 10 layers but we had a great time. We began our holiday in Vienna, this is where we saw our first snow fall and Karen and i were so excited, but that was short lived when the snow turned to sleat and the temp dropped. Vienna was a beautiful city full of many museams, which we didn't enter. but the bad weather made it hard to really do any site seeing. We did go up in this ferris wheel and had a birds eye view of the city, however it got a bit scary when the wind picked up and the carridge started to move, not much fun. Then from Vienna we went to this beautiful little town called Chesty Kromlov which is in the Czech Republic. It has been called the next prague. it has beautiful cobble stone streets and a beautiful castle. We had snow and our first snow fights here. we only spent one night here but we made to most of it, we had luch in a resturant in a celler and they cook all the food in front of you and with drink as well it cost about the same as a litre of milk.
We then went to prauge were we spent christmas, it didn't snow on christmas day but it did on boxing day. We had alot of fun in prauge and even broadened out horizens and went to a gay bar ( not on purpose and when we realised the boys were happy to finish their drink and go) at the time it was very funny. Prauge is full of beautiful buildings and of course a castle and bridge. We visited the castle but there were soo many tourists there we didn't go in. We then made our way to Berlin, were we experienced the coldest weather of our lives it got down to about -6. We have never worn so many clothes in our life and all your clothes end up getting wet. We did a walking tour (4hrs) in the snow, crazy but it was very interesting, Berlin has a very strange but interesting history. We then made our way to our final destination Amsterdam, which was peters favourite place, hard to imagine why. Unfortunalty we didn't see much of amsterdam except for the red light district and the city square. but being holiday period not a lot of tours were running, so we had to put up with looking at a lot of women not waering very much. Again to no ones suprise pete had not problem with this. We went and had a look at the girls in the windows and much to my suprise alot of them were nice looking but some had been standing in the window a long time. We went and saw a sex show which was more comical than erotic, we had to stop ourselves from laughing most of the time, but it had to be done. We spent new years here and went out into the main square fot the count down, which was fun as all of the local had there own fireworks. We dicided to leave when a firecracker nearly burnt the hair of the girl standing next to us. we did spend some time in the "coffee" shops cause again its some thing that has to be done, but i have to say we stand out abit as we didn't have much of a clue about what to do but by the end we looked like we belonged there ha ha. So know we are back in london town and are both back at work. I was supposed to finish up at district nursing awhile ago but my time keeps getting extended, but i am due to finish up tomorrow as i am getting my eyes lasered on Wednesday, so when i come home i will be a new person yippee
Pete is still on the same job he hates it but what can you do we have to start saving for our next trip, which will be to Ireland in March. ok betta run love to everyone we miss you all
lots of love eliza and pete