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Thursday, 22 Sep 2005

Location: The People's Republic of CORK, Ireland

MapGreetings Earthlings!!!
Welcome to the Round the World adventures of Larry Treesa & Flipper....
This is our attempt (and being 3 girlies not having the foggiest notion as to how to manoeuver our way thru the inthernett, it is but an attempt) to set up one of those new fangled website thingymebobs where we can keep you up to date on our travels without sending emails to the world weary office workers sending you all into a depression, and ye like lemmings across the nearest cliff, or out the nearest office windie!!! .... so if you wish to see how we're getting on or where we are you can just hop on here and check up on us!! (Howya Mammy!!) This way ye won't be faced with a sickening Monday morning email about places we've been and are in, sessions we've been on, and how the tan's are developing - unless ye want to get them of course!!!....

So Anyhow, Liz, (a.k.a.Flipper) here!!
It's only 7 weeks today and we're off!!!

Our itinerary so far is ... in a word MAD!!
We'll be like 3 travellers carting around all our worldly posessions everywhere with us in our rucksacks! or as Pat Shortt sez, the "TEW TEWRISTS" (only there's 3 of us!!!)

So if you dont want to see where we're going, turn away now and dont read the next bit!!

10th November 2005 Shannon - NYC

18th November 2005 NYC - San Francisco
And make our way down towards Los Angeles and vsiting Las Vegas San Diego and Tijuana while here!!

30th November 2005 LA - Honolulu
(Hula Hula Hula Hula Hula) If we don't get thems flower garlands that you see on telly when we're getting off the plane, i'll be sooooooo disappointed!!!

5th December 2005 Hololulu - Fiji

11th December 2005 Fiji - Sydney
...WooHoo WooHooHoo!!

Sept 2006 Brisbane - Auckland

Oct 2006 Christchurch - Bangkok

November 2006 Bangkok - Home
with big depressed heads on us!!!!

My god, such excitement...getting everything together, buying rucksacks, ipods (i cant be without my tunes!! You can't beat bopping away to a bit of Paddy Casey/The Frames and whoever else takes r fancy!!) , digital cameras and the likes,(HINT HINT for present ideas family!!) Then of course planning the shots and vaccinations before we go (ouch!!), trying to sell my beloved "confused-cross-dressing-boy-car-- who-thinks-he's-a-girl-car", Lily Savage! (Anyone want to buy a 04 Nissan Almera h/back going cheap at 13.5k, 14 cos i know ye ;o) - -one careful "lady" owner, other drivers just not so careful!)
Packing will be the fun part..... every time i go home for the weekend, eventhough its only 2 nights, being a typical female, i nearly bring everything but the kitchen sink!! ...and would bring it if i could fit it in my little wheelie bag!!
Ooh I can't wait!!!

So anyhow, we hope you enjoy following us around the world on our travels, but if you don't, fret not - WE WILL! :o)

Dont forget to leave us lots of messages, telling us how great we're looking and how jealous ye are, and how much ye miss us and all that malarkey!!

Liz x