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Worldwide Chaos’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 06 May 2006

Location: New York City, USA

MapThings DP loves: pretty girls, tight t-shirts, bright lights and chicken wings. Anne Workman is all of these things to me: pretty, taut, radiant, and spicy; so it should come as no surprise that I should give a shoutout to La Workman as she celebrates another birthday, a new love, and a new do along some exciting and gorgeous people.

Knowing Anne like I do I knew she would appreciate me pulling myself together into the most fashion-forward ensemble possible and devoting more time to this achievement than to the actual purchasing of a birthday gift. As a gorgeous Saturday stomped through my senses (blame the previous night's cinco de mayo festivities), I checked looks in my mind that would complement Anne's mood for the evening. Whatever that might be.

Preppy chic (SO Anne, so proper), gay-acolante (Is she feeling La Lohan-ish tonight?), Big Fat Straight Guy (this would be a hetero crowd after all) -- so many looks to suit so many personalities -- what is a boy to do?

Having finally decided on an outfit I trepsed across lower Manhattan past hordes of unforunate looking people -- tourists, Long Island-imports, Jersey trash and "homeless" teens -- and presented my driver's license to the bouncer at Tribe.

It was worth the trek out of Chelsea to meet La Workman's parents and her beau of late, my after-hours replacement himself, Mr. Kevin. I'm sure he's wonderful, funny and bright -- but with the music being so loud and me being consumed with thoughts of how to reflect most light off my gold necklaces I could only gather that K to the M is a nice guy who doesnt mind affectionate, obnoxious queers who worship his girlfriend.

And so the night thumped along -- I was on a drinking break in order to make a 9am gym call the next morning, but I was crunk on the energy of the room. I got to check in with Sarah, Miss Workman's roommate whom I think has a thing for me; I met a gorgeous Argentina named Cecilia; I played a round of Footeball, and I reminded Jenny that we are in fact gorgeous, even if we do look bigger in pictures. Anne may have been the lady of the hour, but I was proud to play the role of supporting fag acquainting myself with her retinue of senoritas.

While I may be known to some as Daytime David, I had enough fun for one weekend and wanted to be lucid enough on this spectacular Sunday to jot down a recap of the night's festivities.

Happy Birthday, Anne!