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Worldwide Chaos’s Travel Diary

Friday, 13 Oct 2006

Location: Paris, France

MapJust got back from a quick trip to Paris; thought it would be fun to take my mom on a visit as she's never been and I have some time to kill before starting a new job.

Glad to report that I'm still very much in love with Paris, and seeing it through the eyes of someone's first visit made it all the more enjoyable.

If you read my post on last year's visit you'll remember that I made a point of shouting out the French on their near-criminal use of stairs everywhere. Well, karma is a bitch and it shrieked and howled at me for four days as my mom bemoaned (what a nice, diplomatic word) having to trek herself through the Metro and through every last monument in town. Sigh, the price one pays to admire beauty.

Earth-shattering news: French food sux. It is official. Six months of living there and two more trips as a savvy tourist have confirmed that les Francais know not from food. And at an offensive average of 5 Euros for a cup of coffee, their wanton assault on American tourists (albeit with smiles and somewhat quicker than usual service) is something the UN should be tackling with the same zeal as this whole North Korea mess.

Anyway, enjoy the pix.