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Worldwide Chaos’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 28 Oct 2006

Location: New York, USA

MapTrick or treat? The question that looms heavy over every gay man's head on any given night of the week is a national holiday once a year. Anything goes on Halloween, and while my own experience as a child reared in a non-Halloween household still clouds any full enjoyment of this unnecessary day, I thought to give fun a chance this year and dress up.

What I found is that my regular wardrobe is disturbingly close to a Halloween costume. That a pink top hat is the only thing that separates me from looking like a caricature is, well, disappointing. On the flip side, how cool am I for bringing sexy back to the streets of New York on a daily basis? Top hat or not, I'm one hip cat.


So I teamed up with the usual suspects: this, that, that other bitch, that bitch's boyfriend and some other bitch, and what's his face and that other chick. AKA: Jenny, Foote, Erin and Chocha.

Foote Yawnovich dressed up as a horse, Erin was Stacy from Wayne's World, and Jenny was a china doll. Jimes dressed up as a hot fisting top soldier, and I was a circus ringleader. OR an H&M/Zara version of Madonna on her Confessions Tour.

Jimes is fighting off infection stemming from second degree burns sustained on a recent fight with his car (I'm not name dropping but I want to file a lawsuit against BMW) so he bailed pretty quickly. In the meantime, me and my girls got our $40 worf and threw down the drinks faster than Anne can say "I object!"...Chocha couldn't join us either because she's busy preparing for life's coming VERY soon for her.

A great time was had by all...enjoy the pix.