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Tim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 01 Aug 2004

Location: Canada

MapThis would be the start to a very long trip for Tim and Sue. Sue is moving to Edmonton for school and we are driving across country to get her there. There will of course be many stops along the way!
Our first day, we plan to leave Barrie by 9am. A quick check as we head onto the highway and it is 9:06; we are on time. The fist few hours in the van are uneventful as both of us have been to Sudbury before, none of the scenery or roads are new.
Our first break is set for Sudbury for lunch, only we accidently take the by-pass and miss all of the city. Oups! Next stop??
We grabbed a quick bite and some gas along the way and pushed ahead for Sault St. Marie.
Our stop in the Sault was not altogether pleasant. We have both decided we will not visit this city again anytime soon! These were not the friendliest of people.
Once again we are on the highway again, enjoying the wilderness surrounding the highway. Around a corner of the highway we spot something on the side of the highway. It was a herron but it ran from the road as the vehicle got closer.
We stopped along the side of the highway and got some beautiful shots of the water in the area. Northern Ontario is so beautiful.
Another short stop in Wawa for dinner and we decide to push on to Neys provincial park for the night. We didn't make it there though! A few stops for pictures and it was getting dark quick.
We finally pulled off on a road that didn't look like anything more than a dead end. We shuffled some stuff in the back and called it a night.