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Tim’s Travel Diary

Monday, 02 Aug 2004

Location: Ontario, Canada

MapDay two began with a bit of a rocky start. We awoke to the sound of voices outside the van and vehicles slowing to a stop around us. With a quick peek out the windown, Tim saw that there were workers arriving around us. Our rest area was on a road that was to be fixed. They were construction workers! The van was packed up pretty good around us, they probably thought it was abandoned. They must have been pretty shocked when Tim and Sue jumped into the front seats and took off!
We stopped a few minutes up the highway to collect ourselves and have a good laugh! There was a road leading down to the river valley and we both needed to wake up a little more! A few pictures and some exploring and we were once again back in the van and ready to go.
We pushed on towards Thunder Bay with a brief stop to check out Ouimet Canyon. We were both glad we had allowed time for this stop! With the storm clouds hovering in the distance the area had a mystical and erie feel to it. The area looked untouched my man except for the lookout platforms there for us to admire this wonder.
Once back in the van we pushed on to Thunder Bay and our lunch stop; McDonalds here we come!
Just outside you Thunder Bay are the Kakebeka Falls; also well worth a stop. They were beautiful and the afternoon sun that had finally come out made the water sparkle all the more.
The rest of the drive through northern Ontario was filled with tree lined highways and small lakes.
Finally we came upon our first border crossing, Manitoba. We stopped at the info centre got a map and some park information as well as a picture under the Manitoba sign. It was deciced that we would stay at Falcon Lake Provincial Park as it was only a few kms up the highway. We were both tired and eager to look at the pictures from the two days.
Falcon Lake Provincial Park was much different from the provinical parks here in Ontario. It was more like a small community complete with grocery store, bar, golf course, beaches, and cottages. We found our electric site, hauled out the computer and set up to download the pictures from the camera under the stars! We were probably the strangest people there!