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Tim’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 03 Aug 2004

Location: Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alb, Canada

MapDay three began with a late start. We packed things up, got cleaned up at the comfort stations and were on the road again. The prairies! The plan was to hopefully get all the way through to Alberta by the end of the day. We had heard there was nothing to see along the way in the prairies, so we were just hoping to make up some time and get ahead.
We drove for hours and stopped in a small town near the Saskatchewan border for gas and a bite to eat. It was going to be a long drive if we were to get all the way to Alberta today.
We stopped briefly at the Sask border for another picture and scurried into the info station for a map. They suggested we stop and see their statue of the Indian head up the road.
We made a quick stop for a picture and looked around a bit. There wasn't much there. We still hadn't seen what we had expected of the prairies, grain elevators and flat fields.
There would be plenty as we passed Regina and headed for the border.
We pulled off the highway on a little country lane and took some pictures of the scenes around us. There were rolling hills, and an old runndown farm in the distance. The image was very picturesque and calming. We stopped infront of a small marshy area with many ducks and birds flapping around. Though we didn't stay long as the storm clouds were once again moving in on us.
A short stop up ahead of some pretty grain elevators and we knew it wouldn't be long before the rain.
Tim wanted one more stop though when he saw the first oil well pumping even as the lighning was flashing way off in the distance.
We hopped out of the van and set up for a picture, the wind was beginning to gust and in the fields it was cooling off dramatically. This was going to be some storm.
We drove on and watched as the storm moved closer and farther from us as the road winded and curled around us. It was beautiful and powerful. We drove in and out of small rain storms and finally reached the Alberta border. It was very dark but we were determined to get a quick picture as the rain had temporarily ceased. The wind was wickedly strong and much cooler. Tim had trouble setting up the camera and finally we moved on hoping that our picture would turn out okay.
Once back in the van we contemplated our options, wait out the storm here, where already there was a transport truck stopped or move on and hope it would blow over.
We decided to continue pushing on for a campground or somewhere better for the night. We found a provincial park but decided not to stay as there was no one at the gates and they had signs posted about overnight visitors. We turned back to the highway and the storm and pulled off at the next visitor information bulletin. We would lie down for a couple of hours and wait out the storm.