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Tim’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 04 Aug 2004

Location: Alberta, Canada

MapAfter a rough night of sleeping in the van, we awoke to find somewhat clear skies and a much calmer day. We looked at our map and headed straight for Dinosaur Park. It was still very early but hopefully by the time we got there things would be opening.
As we neared the park, the scenery changed dramatically, it was as though there was a giant hole in the middle of the land. It was breathtaking. We stopped and took time to explore along the lookout along the side of the road befoe entering the park. (see Dinosaur pics 1-12)
The small tour buses had been filled the night before but there were a few small trails that we were allowed to explore without a guide. The park was amazing. The land so fragile and so different from anything we had seen before. Many hours could be spent here exploring and learning about this very special land.
Once our trails were complete we decided to move on, towards Calgary and the mountains. We were very anxious to see the mountains; people had been telling us you could see them for miles.
We stopped along the highway once we had a clear view of the mountains to take some pictures and found ourselves on a sideroad full of free range horses. It was breathtakng. The Rockies are truly one of the world's most beautiful places.
We continued on to Banff and found a hotel room for the night to regroup as we wanted to plan a few nights in the mountains. We grabbed a quick dinner and headed to the parks office to get maps and permits to head out to mount Norquay and Mystic Creek.
We were very excited to be planning our first mountain experience.