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Tim’s Travel Diary

Monday, 25 Apr 2005

Location: Elk Island Provincial Park, Canada

MapThe day began early as we all wished to get out and explore the regions around Edmonton. We had been told by a number of people to visit Elk Island Provincial Park and today was our day for it. It as sunny and warm and early in the season a great day for hiking.
The park was just a short drive east of Edmonton and we were there in no time. The only proble; the park office was not open. This proved not too much trouble as we were able to locate some maps and an information poster for the park. After a short look at the map we continued on along the road, stopping often for the buffalo that roamed freely all around us. Many of them even posed for us to take some pictures. They all seemed so calm and relaxed with our presence but to be on the safe side we stayed in the car.
We drove to the other park entrance and paid park fees at their self registration site and then headed back to explore some of the trails within the park.
The park proved to be a great place for wildlife sightings and we saw many animals from beavers, to geese and even a moose, sorry no picture!
We enjoyed watching and listening to a family of baby beavers along a bridge on one trail and all tried for that perfect shot. WE then continued on watching and listening for more animals. We found a great campground and even a sandy beachfront.
The park was full of breathtaking scenery and there are still a number of trails left for us to explore on a later visit.