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Tim’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 07 Aug 2004

Location: Jasper, Canada

MapWe arose early again and packed everything back into the van to head to our final destination, Edmonton. We were a little disappointed in not spending the time we had wanted in the mountains but knew that we would be back to explore them more later.
On the highway on the way out of Jasper, we stopped along with many other tourists to take a few pictures of the elk relaxing in the ditch on the side of the road. There were two of them and not at all bothered by the numerous people snapping picture after picture of them.
Once back in the van we pushed on and out of the mountains. The mountains became smaller as we entered the foothills and then returned to the flat land of the prairies as we entered Edmonton. This was to be the end of our adventure for this season but it opened a whole world of curiosity and wonder within us as we discussed plans to return to the mountains once we had upgraded our gear.