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Tim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 28 Mar 2004

Location: Killbear Provincial Park, ON, Canada

MapGood morning! Good morning! It is a beautiful day in Parry Sound, Ontario!
After waking up refreshed at the Comfort Inn, which was relatively inexpensive and very clean, a much appreciated improvement to the hotel our reservations were made at. The Travelodge in Parry Sound is not reccommended as it is located above a town bar.
We are up and gearing up for a great day of hiking and exploring at Killbear Provincial Park. A quick stop at Lil's for some breakfast, which provided excellent service, a homey atmosphere at an economical cost. One last Tim Horton's run for coffee and we are off.
Up the road about 20 mins from Parry Sound we found Killbear Provincial Park. It was closed for camping but there were many families out exploring in the beautiful afternoon sun. We quickly learned that the roads beyond the main office were off limits as they had not been maintained over the winter monthes. We parked the vehicles at the visitor parking lot and entered the park on foot.
We wandered down the path to Kilkoursey Camping groud. There was still snow throughout the park but we managed to get through some exploring and out to the beach without anyone getting wet. Once to the beach, the snow was nearly completely melted. The ice was still fairly thick on Georgian Bay, although perhaps not as thick as Scotti might have liked! He chose to venture out just a few feet and after a loud cracking noise he beelined it for solid ground! I don't think he will be playing on the ice again any time soon.
We followed the sandy shores of Georgian Bay around the rocky outcroppings in search of an adventure. What we found was a flooded river for crossing where there had been no water at all last year. Scotti chose to cross down the gorge where a small and unsteady log lay bobbing in the stream. A step and a jump and he was on the other side with ease! Tim chose to look further for a more secure crossing. What he found was a cliff jump worthy of an athletic sport! He made it! A little bit off one way or the other and he would have been a very sorry and wet hiker. Ashleigh and Susan chose to follow Scotti's route with the help of Tim on the other side. What a gentleman! And we were off again!
The rocks here are beautiful. The colours are amazing and the intricate patterns were something to see. We followed the rocks along the shoreline, watching for the many spiders with every step. The spiders seem to love the gaps between and under the rocks.
We continued on til we finally arrived at Herald Point known for its cliff jumping in the summer months here at the park. It was beautiful. We followed the trial up through the trees along the rocks and through the cliffs. The view from up there overlooking the ice covered bay was amazing. I wish we had remembered our camera. Next time for sure!
After some short explorations of the area,and a few misadventures, we decided to head back as Ashleigh had to make it home by 6. We found our way back to the road through the park and followed it back to the information office and our vehicles, eagerly discussing plans for the next great adventure. Thanks for the memories Killbear Park!