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Tim’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 08 May 2004

Location: Bruce Peninsula Prov. Park, Canada

MapToday we took a drive to Bruce Peninsula provincial park, just south of Tobermory. To get there you take highway 6 north, past Wiarton and turn right on Emmett Lake road. This is a rough road about 8 km long. The road forks and you take the left road which is called Halfway Log Dump Rd. and is only 1.5kms. At the end of this road there is a parking lot and outhouses.

We parked the car and checked out the map posted and began the hike in. We followed the Halfway Log Dump side trail, which is very open and well maintained. We found many benches along both sides of the trail. After about a five minute hike, you hit the Bruce Trail. From here you can see Georgian Bay. If you have time for a beautiful break, follow the limestone path down past the trees to a limestone beach on Georgian bay. Here you can see limestone cliffs and the water here is tourquoise. The vista here is truly spectacular.

Georgian bay is part of lake Huron, one of Canada's Great Lakes. I understand how the explorers might have thought this was an Ocean, being one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world.

I have put up some pictures. we only wish we had more time to explore here as it was beginning to get dark.