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Tim’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 24 May 2003

Location: Canada

MapDay two of our Algonquin adventure started off poorly with many stops along the old railway bed. Lyndsay and Michelle had to make many adjustments to thier pack and Ryan was having trouble with the weight of his pack.

By the time we hit Islet lake we were getting tired of jumping from railway tigh to railway tigh to avoid massive puddles and mud. So we decided that the grassy hill by Islet lake was a great spot to stop for lunch.

After lunch we hit the trail again. Not even 10 minutes down the trail the railway ended and a new wilder terrain began. Five minutes up this new wild terrain we hit what we called the wall.

The wall was where Scotties famous phrase "it's all up from here" came from. The wall was close to 100 feet tall and went straight up. After numerous attempts and many falls in the mud we made it up. When we reached the top there was another hill, and after that hill there was another.

The terrain got worse the more we went into the park. Being May most of the trail was flooded out and we were jumping from dry spot to a rock to log and so forth. It also seemed we were going up hill more than we were going down.

By the time we hit Brown Lake our intended spot for lunch It was getting dark and everyone was wiped. We decided that we would stay the night here and lighten our packs. We thought we would make up the distance the next day.

Tonight there was no rye and ginger other than pooring it on the fire to lighten the load. Lyndsay and Michelle who had seriously overpacked were burning everything from socks, towels and anythiung they didn't need. What a fire!