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Tim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 25 May 2003

Location: Algonquin Park, Canada

MapDay three of our Algonquin adventure started off even worse than the day before. Not even two minutes on the trail and we came to our first obstacle. It was a swamp. There was a bridge but it only went halfway and stopped. Tim who was in the lead decided to jump to what looked like a small piece of land. He made it and decided to jump again to what looked like a another piece of land. 1, 2, F#@king 3 and in Tim went straight into to the swamp. He managed to go in over his head but kept his pack dry. Now covered in mud he finished crossing. everyone else managed to make it across without going in.

As everyone else made it across Tim was being made fun of by some serious hikers who were wanting to cross the other way. Tim got the last laugh because there first step they took they went straight in. Unlike Tim thought they didn't keep there pack dry.

From here the trail made its way past several small lakes, and along the top of a cliff and then along the bottom. The trail continued uphill and eventually we made it to lookout point where we had lunch. Lookout point was another steep hill with a cliff overlooking a small lake. A very pretty vista.

From here we made it to Pincher lake were we stayed for the night. It was getting dark again and we were exhausted from our days hike. We had not made up the distance and would have to make it up tommorow on our jog out.