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Tim’s Travel Diary

Friday, 25 Jul 2003

Location: Nottwasag Bluffs, Canada

MapAnother trip on the Bruce trail. This time Tim, Susan, Scottie, Michelle, Marriane, Ian, Sommer and John set off for a camping trip in the Nottawasaga Bluffs.

TIm and Sue had early in the week checked out the trail and found the campsite. It was not the one listed on the map but it was obviously used often.

We decided again to try to bring alchohol and had filled a 4L water bottles with pre mixed Rye and Ginger. We also carried in 2 six packs of Coors Light in cans. Tim, Sue unable to find the river on the map decided that we needed to carry in our own water as well so we took 3, 4L bottles. We decide that because there was such a big group that we would take turns carrying the 4 jugs.

The trail was covered in poison Ivy, but was very pretty with various flowers growing throughout the woods. We were hiking in problem free until we passed our first rock crevise which is where John had his first fall and sprained his ankle.

John who is over 6 feet tall and well built was carrying the extra weight the two six packs. When he fell he must have punctured one of the beer cans. For when he went in to his pack he was sprayed by a can of beer as well as covered in a cloud of pancake mix. We all had a good laugh.

We arrived at our campsite only an hour hike in. We set up camp and got a fire going. We played drinking games and went and sat on the cliff not even 20 feet from our campsite.