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Tim’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 26 Jul 2003

Location: Notawasaga Bluffs, Canada

MapTim and Sue woke up before everyone and decided to go and explore. They followed the Bruce trail and found the river. They found many caves and Crevices in the rocks to explore. The trail followed the changing forest as it went from new trees to older and again to regrowth. What a history this forest has had.

When the rest of the group woke up they made breakfast and went and explored the caves and crevices. After many hours of exploration most of the group retired to the camp for a nap.

Tim, Scotti and Sue decided to explore more while everyone else slept and stumbled across the Keyhole sidetrail. The opening to the trail gives name to the trail. We had to crawl through a keyhole to begin the trail. This was quite the trick.

Once through the keyhole, we found ourselves between the crivices where the temperature dropped considerably. We found a few caves and climbed up and around the crivices. This hideaway was too much to keep a secret. We headed back to camp and gathered the rest of the group for further exploration of the trail.

While showing the group the river, Sommer stumbled upon her very own prince charming! See picture for details!

Unfortunately Sommer had to head back early as she had to be back in town to work. We lead her out the cars and said our goodbyes, then retired to the campsite for dinner, a campfire and stories.