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Tim’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 23 Aug 2003

Location: Algonquin Park, Canada

MapYet another day trip....turned overnighter.

Tim, Sue and Scotti set off to rent a canoe for a few hours. Unfortunately the first available rentals were near Algonquin Park. We picked up a brand new canoe from Swift canoes. It had never even seen the water. "Don't scratch the canoe" the told us as we tied it to Tim's Volkswagon.

With a tent, a sleeping bag a little bit of food picked up in Huntsville we carried on to Rain Lake. Upon the Rain Lake access road we came to a short stop while a fox made its way down and passed our car. He simply stolled straight on down the road, while we waited anxiously to begin our canoe.

We made quick work of Rain Lake to our first portage into another small lake. At this point it was beginning to get dark.

By the time we made it to our second portage to Jubillee it was dark .We were getting tired, hungry and a little cranky. After scraping along the rocks, and doing laps around the lake without any luck in finding the portage, we deciced to camp at the next available site.

We unloaded our canoe and gathered wood for a small fire. Wood was scarce as it was coming to the end of season and were unable to keep the fire going. Tim thought he would use some of our precious tiolet paper to get the fire restarted. Scotti tossed the roll, Tim reached.... and then we heard the splash as the toilet paper hit the lake. Now we had no fire and no toilet paper! Oups! Off to bed for us.