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Tim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 24 Aug 2003

Location: Algonquin Park, Canada

MapWe woke early, cold and tired to a beautiful Algonquin sunrise and a snapping turtle at our fire pit. We watched the turtle swim around our little bay and then noticed the beaver working on his home further down.

A quick breakfast of bagels care of the Tim Horton's in Huntsville and we took down camp and jumped in the canoe for further exploration.

We took our time and canoed around hoping for further animal sightings. A possible bear, some ducks, herons, loons, and frogs and our trip was complete. The herons popped up a foot away from the canoe to our surprise!

We also learned that canoes do not have beer cup holders as Scotti's beer dropped, soaking Sue and the pack in the middle of the canoe. Cheers?

We made a quick stop at Rain lake at a familair campsite to dry out and clean up the canoe. Then it was back to down the lake to the cars and our trip home.