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Tim’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 27 Sep 2003

Location: Algonquin Park, Canada

MapDay Two began with a very wet and stormy morning. As soon as the rain began to let up, we put up our tarp. We would not be going anywhere by canoe today. The waves were 2feet and growing as the wind picked up.

We managed a quick breakfast as a group before the rain and wind gave us a second pounding. One of the corners of our tarp came loose in the wind, Marianne reached for the rope and was picked up as well by the wind. She didn't seem to enjoy her flight. After much work, we resecured the tarp and all crawled into the larger of the tents to play cards and wait out the rain.

When we were certain the rain was done and the sun began to shine, we climbed out and began to set up a line on which to dry out all of our things. We got a fire started and everyone huddled close by to stay warm and dry.

A nice dinner and a beautiful sunset cheered us all. We snacked and shared scary camp stories, all trying to make theirs scarier than the last.