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Tim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 28 Sep 2003

Location: Algonquin Park, Canada

MapDay 3... arrived sunny and dry. We went exploring further from the campsite and found a sandy beach and some interesting trees. We decided the beach would be an easier point to load up the canoes, so we hiked our packs and equipment down to the beach.

The waves of the lake had settled some from the previous day and looked like an easy paddle out.

Once again the small red canoe had trouble with the weight in the water. We adjusted this when we stopped for lunch and a short break on one of the many little islands along the left bank of the lake. Marianne jumped into the little canoe with Tim and Pat jumped in the middle between Sommer and Susan. This seemed to even us out.

A marvelous idea to go the short way around an island proved quite different for Tim and Marianne upon realization that they had found a small bay and not the otherside of the island. Oups!

A short paddle later and we were back at the loading docks, telling other campers of our stormy adventure at the other end of Opeongo Lake.