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Tim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 16 May 2004

Location: Bruce Penensula National park, Canada

MapWe were so impressed by Halway Dump log trail, we planned to explore the area in more detail this weekend. The group included Tim, Sue, Tim's dad, and younger brother Ryan. We left the house early to get a full day of hiking.

We followed highway 6 past Emmett Lake Road and entered the park at Cypress lake. Here, they have car camping sites, and larger areas for group camping. We parked the cars and headed for the trails.

The trails leading to the Bruce were wide and very well tended. Within minutes we found ourselves infront of a limestone beach. It was breathtaking. The path then took us up to the cliffs where we found some scenic lookouts including Halfway Rock Point.

A quick turnaround and we head back the other way in search of caves for exploring. We found the Grotto and a beautiful water cave. Canoeing or kyaking this area is a must! We followed along the limestone beach and explored many other caves and crevices for the afternoon. We followed the path to Halfway Dump and found a much more challenging trail than in other areas of the Bruce trail. Then it was a quick dinner on our camp stove and back to the car! Lots left to explore here though!