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Tim’s Travel Diary

Friday, 21 May 2004

Location: Frost Centre, Canada

MapAfter a busy day of work and running around to get things together our group of Scotti, Ashleigh, Tim and Sue are off. The canoes are roped onto the little red cars, the bags are packed and the highway of long weekend travelers awaits!
The highway driving soon ends as we turn down Margaret Lake Access Road. The road bends and curves past a few access points and finally to our dock parking area. The road is very muddy and many moose prints were seen just a little up the road.
We quickly unloaded the cars and got the canoes in the water. With the swampy water nearby and the rain earlier in the day, bugs were dense.
Once in the water, we all began to relax; the area was beautiful and there was no more rushing around.
We soon learned we had relaxed altogether too early in the game. The portage trails are not well maintained and are intertwined with the hiking trails of the Frost Centre. We wandered what was to be a 600m portage of muck and swamp for what seemed like hours to us as the light faded to darkness and black skies. We kept going and found our path, and jumped back into our canoes for a short paddle on Three Island Lake to our campsite on one of the islands. Luckily it was a very small lake! We found the island and the site with relative ease and began to set up camp in the dark.
With a little help from our lantern we had camp set up and dinner going in no time. Ahhh... we were very happy to be settled in for the night. Some singing and stories by the fire and we were off to our tents for the night.