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Tim’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 22 May 2004

Location: Frost Centre, Canada

MapDay 2 Leslie Frost Centre

The morning begins with sunny skies, drying out the ground from the overnight showers.
Once out of our tents we all look on in awe of the beauty of our deserted island. There is not a sign of another human being. The birds and wildlife are plenty and breakfast was begun with all in a great mood ready for adventure and exploration!
With the island being only large enough for the campsite we had to go across to shore in search of firewood. While over there we explored and travelled many of the trails, one leading to a small waterfall and river. The area here is gorgeous.
By late afternoon it is raining again and we hung up our tarp. After a quick dinner, we start a fire to help dry out. Ashleigh and Sue roasted their hikers to dry out from the very wet day. Who needs marshmellows!