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Tim’s Travel Diary

Friday, 09 Jul 2004

Location: Kilarney Park, Canada

MapDay 1 Kilarney Park- La Cloche Interior Camping

An early rise to complete to long drive up to Kilarney from Barrie. Our group is excited and eager to get out of the city. This trip was done with Tim, Sue, Ryan, Sheri, Ashleigh, John, and the Woodhouse family dog Shasta.
The drive up to Kilarney was long but everyone jumped out eager to explore the wilderness of this phenomenal park.
The scenery and views along the hike in were some of the best we have seen. We cannot wait to explore deeper and further up along the mountain trails.
We arrived at our campsite a little disappointed at the lack of scenery directly around us but nonetheless ready to settle in for the night.
A good dinner of pork chops and potatoes and we began to get the fire started. We had an excellent fire and roasted marshmellows for Tims brother and sister. Everyone told their favourite camp stories and then it was off to bed.