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Ella’s Travel Diary

Friday, 09 Mar 2007

Location: London, UK

MapJust been on the phone to Ballina... crazy cats!
You are all pissed or making an effort to be pissed and I am jealous! Cocktails in the sunshine sounds pretty good to me right now. Its reaching a beautiful maximum of 12 degrees today and the sun is shining! To be honest its still bloody freezing but you become so delusional over here that you think 12 is GREAT!!!

Still at the same job... still living at the same address... nothing new to report... gee that sounds extremely boring!

I don't know if I have told you about the freaks in London. I see about 1 every two days. Usually on the tube on the way to or home from work. Two days ago, a guy in his early teens who was built like a brick shithouse got on the crowded tube and started singing metallica really loud and headbanging. Then he started moshing and I couldn't help laughing cos he was knocking everyone over and couldn't sing to save his life :) Got a bit annoying after 15minutes of replaying the same song on his Ipod and singing it without knowing half the words... He ended up being removed by the cops and I was late to work...

London must have a lot of mentally ill people. Or maybe its cos there are so many people in London... anyway here is a list of my favourites.

The guy who walks up Putney High street with his head facing hard to the right... or is it the left..? Aron and I reckon he changes sides depending on his mood!

Total jerk who keeps calling Aron a black bastard... Aron nearly throttled him, but realised he was a loony and let it go. I find it annoying cos its like he has terrets and yells it in pubs, in shopping centres or in the street. Luckily Aron doesn't take it personally and sees the funny side to it...

Old lady who attacked Rowena!!! hilarious. She wears plastic bags for shoes and was eating from the bin, so Rowena bought her some food from MacDonalds... when she offered her the food, the old lady started screaming at her and called her Bitch Bones!!! The name has stuck :)

Crazy teenage girl who giggles and stares at people on the tube. This lady seems to like staring at me in particular and creeps me out. I usually change carriages.