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Ella’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 28 Mar 2007

Location: Work Hornsey, UK

MapHaven't packed anything... haven't booked travel insurance... haven't booked ANYTHING in Thailand... haven't even looked for a job in Ballina...

I am in denial...

I love my life in London and find it very difficult to even begin thinking about coming home. Don't get me wrong I am dying to see everyone and miss Australia terribly... but my life is here now and I am having to say goodbye to people forever (maybe).

Everyone tells me that the first 3 weeks are WICKED when you come home... but after the initial high it slowly wears off !!! (thanks guys for that info). Things are slower in Aus and there isn't always something to do. I have become so accustomed to no sleep, no spare time and the absolutely beautiful ability to hide amongst 20million people... then there is the brilliant summers here, the travel, my new friends... :( oh boo hoo...!!!

Now that I have had my whinge I feel really guilty... I am going home to sunshine, beaches, easygoing people and my dog!!! Plus the family (that was not in any order!)

Even better I land on ANZAC day and cannot wait to play two up or the pokies!