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Ella’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 18 Apr 2007

Location: Putney, UK

MapI am leaving tonight... Its midday and I have packed, been running around like a blue ass fly trying to get everything sorted and I think I am finally done.

Tears have already been shed... I am a pathetic bundle of nerves. Firstly cos I am concerned Ballina is going to do my head in, and secondly cos I haven't booked anything in Thailand but my travel insurance and I hope that everything goes smoothly... if not I guess it will be character building.

People have taken it upon themselves to remind me about terrorists and that I should make sure I tell everyone that I love them before I get on the plane... so to save myself the embarrassment of not getting an "I love you" back... I will say it here...

I LOVE YOU... yes you reading this... I love you and can't wait to see you/will miss you very much.


Goodbye London... Hello Oz