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Ella’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 19 Apr 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapArrive in Bangkok at 3pm... I met some English guys in the airport and we shared a taxi to Khaosan Rd... I hadn't booked any accomodation or travels and was planning on winging it. In the future I will not do this as carrying around 25kilos in a backpack in 38degree humid heat is not fun... AT ALL...

The boys hotel was too expensive, so I trudged around for an hour looking for a hostel... and found none with a vacancy. In the end I found Buddys Lodge on Khaosan Rd. It was 15 quid for the night, but I had my own A/C massive room, TV, Radio, rooftop pool and complimentary kickass breakfast. This is the life.

I had a quick walkaround and booked a day trip for tomorrow. I had planned on having a beer in one of the dodgy pubs playing John Farnham, but I started to feel jetlag kicking in... oh and I am on a detox... ;) So I grabbed dinner from an alleyway vendor... I have no idea what it was! Looked like duck but didn't taste like it. Maybe it was dog?

I fell asleep as soon as I hit the pillow.