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Ella’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 21 Apr 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapLast night I had an early one cos jetlag was wreaking havoc on me. I stayed in a hostel with some Dutch chicks that I met on the tour in a hostel for THB160 per night. The room doesn't have A/C and the shower/toilet leave alot to be desired but I don't mind. Sleep was sketchy cos of the heat and he fans weren't the best - they kept turning themselves off.

Today I had decided on a self pampering day. I caught the skytrain to Siam Square and walked around the markets... shame they don't open til 11am on Saturdays and it was 9am. Very boring and hot. A thai lady saw me struggling and took me to a tuk tuk driver and told him to take me to a tailor, massage therapist and a beauty spa! Normally they charge THB200 minimum to foreigners but she cut him a deal of THB50. She told me where to go in case he was dodgy and off I went. I LOVE TUK TUKS. The driver told me in broken English that they are 200000baht to buy. I am getting one.

The tailor was indian and not a bargain so I ditched that idea. The massage was awesome - I paid THB600 for 2.5hours at a professional degree qualified joint... most people only pay 150baht, but I wanted the real deal. She beat the crap outta me!!! She punched me in the bum and kicked me in the legs... it was fantastic! She started laughing cos my feet were exactly twice the size of hers and must have called in her mates, cos they all came in laughing and pointing... not funny. I hope that doesn't mean I have the biggest feet she has ever seen :(

I then went in the tuk tuk to a beauty salon and had a manicure. My fingers look a bit pretty now and I feel stangely embarrassed to look so prissy! No-one could speak english and it was difficult. I have learnt to say thankyou in Thai now, so at least I look appreciative.

I went to Khaosan Rd to have a beer and something to eat cos its 4pm and I am starving. My stupid cab driver kept taking me to tailors and jewelry stores on the way. They receive 2litres petrol for bringing someone there and 5litres if I buy something. It doesn't matter how much you say you do not want to go. Jerks.

It was so hot I bought chips in Burger King and just sat there in the A/C for 30mins! The heat is making me cranky.

I went to the Shamrock bar and had a few beers and proceeded to meet some Canadian chicks. We went shopping after downing a beer tower and drank illegal street cocktails... sign reads "very strong cocktail 80baht We do not check ID" !!!

They were going to a snazzy bar so I tagged along... the Bhanyan bar was on the rooftop of a 59 storey hotel... VERTIGO... not good. Apparently our thongs were dressy enough so the lady said she will provide us with shoes - yep we all wore white mocassins as size too small!!! looked hiliarous as we were surrounded by chicks wearing Louis Vuitton and Jimmy Choos. I tried to swap but was looked at like vermin. :)

I caught a cab home and my cab driver - Little Jim - tried to hit on me. I was in the front cos the girls were in the back.. we dropped them off and he childlocked the doors. He then kept trying to shake my hand to introduce himself, by pretending to forget my name, then grabbing onto my hand and stroking it - EW it was gross. Then he stopped on the side of the road and put his hand on my leg and goes - I really like New Zealand girls... they are so sexy... So I whacked the little priks hand and said I am not a kiwi - now take me home. He goes "I have comfortable bed at my place"... how enticing. He dropped me off at the hostel and had the nerve to ask for a tip. I said "learn your accents"...