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Ella’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 22 Apr 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapHottest day ever - I swear in the history of the world.

I didn't have a hangover as I didn't drink too much - the Canadians were out of control!!! Put me to absolute shame. Maybe I am getting old?

The sweat was beading on my forehead just from sitting up today so I wasn't looking forward to my trip to Chataluka markets... I took the skytrain and have noticed an awkward habit of the locals. The seats either side of me are always the last to fill... Perhaps I smell or they are frightened of my gigantic size, but it is a bit embarrasing when people keep offering to stand for others to sit and then no-one takes the seat!

The markets stank... plain and simple I cannot think of anyone bar Miranda and maybe my Mum who would have put up with it. Ron for sure would have called me a moron for going - it was horrendous. I have heat rash all over me from the adventure. My face, legs, whole bloody body. The bargains were kickass and I have too much stuff, but honestly I would NEVER do it again. The drains were blocked and water started to overflow through the market and you could see the diseases coming towards you!!! The heat was so bad that at one point I wasn't sure if I was going to make it out! Even the Thais were sweating and complaining.

I bought a chicken stick from a little lady for 7baht... except I thought she said 70baht... so thats what I gave her. She said no no and held up 7 fingers, but by that time I had hidden my money away again and couldn't be bothered. So I gave her the 70baht. She ran around and hugged me and started yelling in Thai and kept saying thankyou. Made me feel good and obviously rocked her world for 1 pound!!!

more to come...