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Ella’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 24 Apr 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapOk I am back at the hostel, checked out and just killing time in the A/C before I have to go to the airport... then home to Australia!!!!!!

It doesn't feel like I am going home... I am really excited and just hope I don't have jetlag too bad. I had such a terrible nights sleep last night cos it was really hot and I was feeling anxious... I will be able to sleep on the plane now though. I am looking forward to airplane food... mmmm I totally dig packaged meals :) !!!

I did a bit of shopping this morning and did something crazy... I couldn't find a tuk tuk to take me to a temple, so I got on the back of a motorbike!!! They don't wear helmets and neither did I AND cos I had a skirt on, the driver made me ride side-saddle!!! Bloody frightening and in hindsight very stupid... but it was fun and dirt cheap. All of the Thais were laughing at me cos I was hanging on for dear life!!! Then this bike goes past with a Thai lady holding a baby in her arms and sitting side-saddle...