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Ella’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 01 May 2007

Location: Ballina, Australia

MapOk so its 1130 on a Tuesday night... still having trouble sleeping. Probably cos I don't have a job yet and the sun shines all day long... so getting up early isn't that important! ha

I'm going fishing with Captain Ron and Captain Ken tomorrow morning... I have been advised to be ready at 6am for departure. Help me lord. I think we will have fun but I also think I may have parental overload.

I have a job to keep me going til I go to Sydney next week... working as my Dads labourer! Yep I am going to be sanding back and preparing the walls of our house for painting... then if I get the whole freaking house done within the week I my have the pleasure of painting it as well... yippee.

Then I am going to Sydney with my Dad and driving back up with him... see what I mean about parental overload? Although my Dad or Ron as I call him, is not your average dad so the trip will be loads of fun and stacked full of adventures.

I have to go and watch Borat now.