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Ella’s Travel Diary

Friday, 26 Aug 2005

Location: Clapham Common, UK

MapSouth West Four was absolutely fantastic.

Our group was the usual Love Boat House partiers and the Horton House Hoods + one generous Sydneysider who bought our tickets – you’re a legend Jonesz!

We danced from midday till 9 at night in a paddock full of trippers!!! Best dance festival I have ever been to. Sasha was awesome but Carl Cox was outstanding.

Halfway through the day we were sitting beside the portaloos (as you do) and this gigantic troll of a Kiwi came over and asked if he could take a crap in the ladies toilets… We all laughed in disgust and said “do whatever you want mate”…

He then walked to the back of the ladies toilets and tried to open the door… He nearly ripped the back off the thing!!! That’s when we realised that he thought we were toilet monitors and he was asking our permission… I was just glad that he decided to use a toilet about 5 metres away from us – imagine if he had tried to go beside us???