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Nicole’s Travel Diary

Monday, 19 Dec 2005

Location: Vancouver, Canada

MapHi everyone!

I have one thing to say - I AM GOING TO MARRY A SKI INSTRUCTOR WHEN I GROW UP!!!!!

I'm back again! I thought I would write another quick entry as we are off to Calgary tomorrow and I don't know when I will have access again.

I am having a great time. Vancouver is a really nice place. The hostel where we are staying is pretty cool. The showers are GREAT and the beds are soooo comfy and all for just $20 a nite. There is also a bar downstairs which serves food for around $5 so we are loving it here. They have ladies cocktail specials here and last nite we had Bombay Ho's which are Bombay Gin, So Ho ( a liquer) and lemonade. They were delicious and only $3!!!! So we had a few!!

I didn't realise I was jet lagged until I woke up yesterday and it was 12.00 midday. I had been asleep since 9.00 the nite before! It is so easy to sleep in here because the sun doesn't come up till late.

Yesterday we went to Grouse Mountain - it is a ski mountain. It was beautiful. There was the most spectacular view back over Vancouver at sunset. We had to catch a seabus (like a city cat) and bus and then we went up the hill by gondola. the gondola ride was great. We saw wolves running around the side of the mountain. We have also seen lots of squirrels but still no bears!!!

Today we took off to Granville Island which was pretty cool. It is a fairly "cultural" place with lots of galleries etc. But worth a look. We also went to the Granville Island Brewery.

We went shopping in the Vancouver shopping district and I got a pair of jeans and a shirt for under $70 which I am pretty stoked about.

The hostel where we are staying is in the middle of the entertainment district. There are lots of theatres, cinemas and nightclubs here. But it is surprisingly not noisy.

The street where we went shopping today - Robson St - was so cool. All the trees lining the street have no leaves and have fairy lights in the trees. It is really pretty.

Canadians are obsessed with adult shops!!!! They seem to be everywhere!

The Canadian Ski Instructors are VERY good looking - I can see myself getting some professional lessons - hee, hee, hee!!!

Well, I will leave it there.