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Andy’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 10 Jun 2006

Location: Seoul, Korea (South)

Map Well its been a while since i have done this, But here is the update. I am doing well in korea. I have save a lot of money and I have decided to resign with the same school. I will be working the morning shift which is good it will free up more time for me during the day.
In addition, I have started to see a girl her name is Nara. She is 25 years old turning 26 in December. She a very nice girl. Nara is a fashion designer for handbags and jewelury. She lived in Vancover, Canada for 2 years.
This summer on july 29th to August 6, I will be travelling to Boracay, Phillipines, and Manila. I wanted to go to Thailand but there was very few seats available. Anyways I have told This Boracay is extremely beautiful and has many places to see.
Aswell, it appears that i will be returning home for late August or the start of September for 2 weeks to visit. I still don't have exact dates as of yet. Moss boss is waiting to see if the new teacher is able to start in mid August to allow me to go then. If this new teacher is able to come early, I will be home in mid August, if not, I will be home at the start of September. I look forward to coming home.

Finally, my korean is coming along, but I will really start to study very hard my korean, as I feel I have been lazy in this area as of late. This will change haha.

Anyways take a look at some pics.