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Andy’s Travel Diary

Monday, 10 Oct 2005

Location: Seoul, Korea (South)

MapWell here is my first official entry into my webpage diary. I started this up allow friends and family to read and see what is going on in my life. You are also able to post comments and questions on this page.

I have been here for over a month now and there is much to tell. I work at a very reputable school in Seoul, and my co-workers are all very nice and friendly. The kids are very cute and very smart and it is has been awesome teaching them. I teach writing, grammar, vocabulary, and science from grades 1 to grade 7.

I have had many pleasurable experiences in Seoul ranging from exploring palaces, to takeing subway adventures. I have met many new people some are foreigners many are koreans. I have been playing basketball with a couple of teachers against koreans guys about once a week, and I have enjoyed this.

Going out in Seoul has be a lot of fun provided many laughs and goodtimes for myself and friends here in Seoul. I have watched a Korean film, all in Korean, yet was able to understand the storyline of the movie and found the movie to be good. (I can't tell you the name of the movie because I dont know the name.) I Have a nice apartment and a nice location surounded by mountains in Nowon.

This is my first of many entries onto this webpage, and I will be posting more and more pictures as time goes by.