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Simon Wilson’s Travel Diary

Friday, 29 Oct 2010

Location: New Zealand

MapIn Welly for a couple of days R&R post a Hamilton work trip. Work trip went ok - we took our team up for a bit of a look at part of the company which is a bit more advanced than us in the way they do things. Were some good conversations and hopefully a bit of thinking about the way we do things and maybe about changing some of our habits for the better.

Sooooo - in Welly now at parents house. First job - check the intertubes. Hey - what the hell is this cable hanging out the side of the laptop? A LAN cable?? what the hell? Ok - job one fix wireless. 1.5 hours googling the problem it was having - check. Uninstall driver. Check. Re-setup wireless. check. Done.

Now what is this - service pack two needs updating? Oh good lord, go ahead then. Oh and you want to update Firefox? Sure, why not. Oh and you haven't had flash updated for a while? Well you'd better do that at the same time then hadn't you.

busmans holiday. check

bye :-)

So.... looking forward to a day or two of R&R in welly. Gee they haven't put on the weather for me though. It's colder than invercargill! Grey, windy, etc. oh well, didn't come for the weather. Nice to see the fam. Saw one set of nephews and nieces last night, will see the other set tonight.

Off for a walk soon for a bit of reading and writing and nice coffee down the road me thinks.