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Simon Wilson’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 26 Dec 2010

Mapjust did a vanity search for myself and I'm #3 Simon Wilson in the WORLD. Yay! :-) That ringles my dingle.

Xmas was... xmas.

Ok - sorry to all you people who just LOVE xmas, but for me well... xmas kind of sux. Personally I find it stressful. And I know others find it stressful too so you can all just stop lying to yourselves. Have you SEEN the way people drive in the two weeks leading up to Xmas? give me a break. Almost got killed twice on the way to work in the last week. People overtaking in STA-UPID places because it's oh so important to get to your destination that 30seconds faster. Yeah because dying in your car is such a neat thing to do. Wankers.

And what about car parks in the shopping centre? Watch where you walk because you WILL be run down. And you spot a free car park? Well you better be quick because the xmas spirit doesn't extend to being patient and letting someone else going first!

And then there are the couples in the aisle of the super market having a full on domestic about what f#cking brand of peaches to buy. F#cking grow up. who cares! right, I'm in rant full swing now, what else? Um nah that's about all. It annoys me though that when I say I'm stressed at Xmas people think I'm the mad one. Have a look around you! I'm AVOIDING the madness. I'm going out as little as possible. The irony stuns me of all these blind people wandering about being all stressed out, and then telling me with a big stupid grin about how much they love Xmas, give me a break!

Ahh.... ten deep breaths. Anyway - we had a nice Xmas day. Would have been even nicer if we could have seen some nephews and nieces but that will have to wait until Feb until we take a trip up to Welly. So we had a nice Xmas lunch with Julies ma and pa and gran (gran is just lovely!). Julie did an amazing job, salmon for lunch , and ham, and... everything. As well as ten choices for dessert including the obligatory pavlova of course. And then there was dessert dessert of after dinner mints etc etc.

And THEN there was Murray's wedding which we popped along to. Very nice. And THEN it was time to bring an exhausted and gibbering Julie home to bed and give her a hug and then watch as 10 seconds later she was snoring. hehe. She did well! What a great feast and lovely set table and everything everything she did!

Um, that will do for now.

Oh - yeah. Minor detail. I got a new job.

haha. YAY I GOT A NEW JOB! Still at fonterra, but I am now a project engineer. (project manager really but they call it proj engineer so who am I to argue?) I'm very excited!! It opens up so many possibilities later on! A bit nervous too, I won't know if I like it until I try it. But.... am VERY excited too.

So we have two weeks off, plan to read a lot of books, do some work on the new book I am writing...
Oh yeah - I'm starting another book. Lets call it sci-fi for the moment but don't worry, it's not hard core sci-fi. It just has an element of aliens about it....
So... I've re-read a couple of my fav sci fi books for inspiration. Enders Game. Awesome awesome awesome. And Battlefield Earth, brought to you by the insane man who INVENTED the religion of Scientology - L. Ron Hubbard. By the way, what does the L stand for? Lafayette. True! No wonder he was barking.

That will do. Hopefully you'll be hearing a bit more from me soon. Am in a bit of a writing mood.



And. Hohoho xmas sux. (old family joke - me and sister Nick used to exchange presents with the message "And don't forget - xmas sux") haha. And on a serious note - Merry Xmas to everyone and LOTS OF LOVE!