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Simon Wilson’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 31 Aug 2011

MapPah - And you thought I had gone... Where is your staying power?

Juju and I off to Cromwell for a long weekend. Can't wait. Had a great work trip up to Hawera this week too. Was really great. Met some great people which was very... buoying. Always great to meet some like minded people.

Aside from that - yep, need a good break away. It's been a long season for us who work in the 'off season' at work. Pleased to have people back in, and the factories starting to run again, that means we can wrap up some of our work, and perhaps... just perhaps... if we are very lucky... get a bit of a break.

So the north island... Well the north island was fine. New Plymouth was fine. Hawera had a GREAT restaurant. But...! It was great to be flying back over the Southern Alps and to be back in the South Island again. You sort of feel like you might be missing out sometimes living in the South. But... it is very nice to be back! So that is interesting isn't it.

I don't have much more to say. I'm tired and I've got work tomorrow. Oh - but we're going for a long weekend tomorrow after work! Did I mention that??