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Saturday, 24 Mar 2012

MapHi Everyone,

Long time no see....


My novel is almost almost almost out. Another fortnight I think. I've had one proof sent to me, looks great! Some very minor changes and then I'll put it up ready for sale.

It's basically a fictionalised version of my travels centering mainly on my time in Greece, with some parts in Turkey and a small amount in Cornwall in the UK. All names and situations mixed up to protect the innocent of course. And... it is a work of fiction so don't take any offence if you think you find yourself in there. It is not you I promise.

So if you've enjoyed my blog travels check out the novel, I think you'll find it very similar in writing style (fairly obvious you'd think....), but the 'story' (I hope!) is a little more coherent as it is an actual devised plot (loosely based on reality) rather than a real life messy ramble.

The one thing that is 100% true in it is the places. None of those have been altered in any purposeful way, the impressions I had of those places are the impressions that make it into the book.

So - it's available on It's not officially available yet so can't quite purchase one. But within a fortnight it should be good to go. Price is as cheap as I could reasonably make it so I hope that's not a barrier for anyone. And if you do read it and enjoy please leave a review as this really helps enormously. The reviews really are the 'marketing' of the book. And entirely democratic which we all like don't we. No - not 'George Bush' democracy, or 'Syrian' democracy. Real democracy. If you like it, say so. If you don't like it, say so, and let the score end up where it ends up.

Like I say - not available just yet, but.... those of you with just the slightest bit of digging will be able to find it on lulu with the merest bit of exploration I'm sure.

Let me know what you think,